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Why “say yes” to wood structures?

Adaptation, change, essence, experience

Vanguard designs in emblematic buildings

Don’t be afraid of change. We help you achieve them without losing your identity.

Transform without losing essence.

We are Estudio Loidi Etxarri and we offer solutions for personalised renovation, interior design and decoration based on the creations of the very finest professionals and craftsmen’s guilds.

we are


Serenity and balance. Tranquillity and experience at the service of the team.


Vision and imagination, experience-based approach. The engine driving our studio.

 Communicating with our clients and their own particular identities are all-important concepts for steering our ideas towards a balanced style that is always in step with our aesthetic approach.

We adapt to meet the needs of each particular situation, always with the same approach and professionalism while offering you the option that best fits your needs and budget.


Expert advice

We interpret your space; we help you personalise your home or business. You set the budget and we offer you the best option.


With a few small details, we can add a subtle touch that will complement your space. A table, a wardrobe, an idea for a neglected corner in your home... There’s no object, surface or material that is not worthy our consideration.


A successful layout will mark the path. We offer you the best vision and – if you wish – we’ll help you to make it possible.


Tell us what you need and we'll strive to fit it to your budget. We offer you our experienced team of craftsmen’s guilds or, if you prefer, a trustworthy coordinator.


Leave it all in our hands; we’ll help you make a complete or partial change to your space. We’ll show you the best proposals for layouts, technical drawings, materials, finishes and detailed budgets for each craftsmen’s guild.

Procedures and licencing

If you need us to do so, we'll process all the licences required for starting up your business or carrying out the renovation of your home.

Monitoring of work

You don't have to feel alone while your home or business is undergoing work. We’ll be right by your side, helping you to take the right decisions that will help you avoid making serious mistakes.

Technical management

Forget about the work; we'll take care of defining, monitoring and supervising the work. Good technical management will make it possible to anticipate any issues that could arise during the work and allow them to be resolved quickly.

Coordination of guilds

Good coordination will create the order needed to manage the work with maximum efficiency, setting deadlines that make sure it takes no longer than is actually required.

Comprehensive design for companies

We can help you by giving you an overall concept for the design of your business; we’ll include the interior design and graphic image in the same package.

What do you need?

If you’re looking for a service not included among those you’ve seen here, just let us know what ‘s on your mind and we’ll be pleased to put together a solution designed especially for you.